Exciting News!


I am about 2/3 of the way through Kindred (you guys this book is so good!). Expect my review by the weekend.

I MET MY FUNDRAISING GOAL! That means a live-blog (not tweet – I have a really hard time marshalling my thoughts into 140-character sentences) of “A Handmaid’s Tale” prequel, “Fascinating Womanhood” (it is not actually a prequel). I promised swear-free coverage of that terrible book BUT have established a stretch goal of $350 to unlock my vast reserves of profanity – and believe me, this book is going to need every colorful Anglo-Saxon word at my disposal.

I will be testing out my phone/Bluetooth keyboard combo this weekend, because I’d really like to do the live blog at Ballona park, with my less-lazy Vox sisters, and I have neither the data plan for my tablet nor the thumb dexterity to express the horror that is “Fascinating Womanhood” on my phone.


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