Vox Femina Read-a-thon Ahoy!

Greetings, Vox supporters!


As part of the Vox Femina Song Cycle, I am reading five gynocentric Speculative Fiction books and reviewing them here. A few notes before I post my first review:

I am not listing these books as feminist, although I will be viewing them – as I view everything – through a feminist lens. Not all authors may be comfortable referring to themselves as feminists, some may feel that womanist is a better descriptor, some may be uncomfortable with labels at all. (n.b. to any feminist who bristles at the term “womanist” – please google. Many WOC feel that traditional feminism as it has been practiced does not address the needs of WOC.)

So what makes these choices Gynocentric? I looked for books by women, with main characters who are women. Inasmuch as I only had five choices, I tried to make intersectional choices; books by WOC, LGBT and other under-represented voices. With one exception, I did not go with “Important Feminist SF Literature” titles that often books that were extremely relevant and prescient a few decades ago did not age well. I understand contextualizing a piece of literature within the era it was written, but I read SF for entertainment and escape. Reading something that I constantly have to contextualize is academic, not leisure, work. While I may go back to some of the Important works, this is not the place for it. Also, there are a couple of really awesome books that I am leaving out (Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale, Butler’s Parable of the Sower, Jemisin’s Fifth Season and Smith’s Orleans) that I super highly recommend, but am omitting because I’ve already read them.

Up tomorrow: A review of the most “important” of the gynocentric SF books – “Herland”! Did I enjoy it? Yes! Did I want to go back in time just to give Charlotte Perkins Gilman the epic side-eye? You’re damn skippy!


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