An Open Letter to Julian Fellowes, Creator of Downton Abbey

Dear Baron Fellowes:

Thank you so much for your thought-provoking series on the tragic fall of the English Aristocracy. It is not often that a peer of the realm who was a speech-writer for Margaret Thatcher proves to have such sympathy for the long-suffering underclass and women of all classes. Portraying Lord Grantham as an incompetent who does nothing but try and destroy his family from within – from complaining about the use of a tiny portion of his estate as a desperately needed hospital, to sabotaging a middle-daughter’s marriage to a gentleman considered more than suitable for the eldest, to alienating a son-in-law over lack of dress-up clothes all the way to frittering away multiple fortunes and refusing to listen to anyone’s opinions regarding the birth of a grandchild -not even the opinions of those who had actually given birth, or even the father of said grandchild – and therefore bearing (despite the opinion of his mother) no little responsibility for her death – this demonstration of the fecklessness and cupidity of the Upper Classes and their gormless patriarchs would be bold coming from a pleb such as myself, but for you, Lord Kitchener-Fellowes, it is nothing short of revolutionary!

Applying similar standards to the “Downstairs” staff, who seem to think that prostitution is catching – prostitution brought on in no small way to the summary firing of a woman who was taken advantage of by an Upper-Class Git who suffered no consequences whatsoever (aside from a Plot Expedient Death) should go well in quieting the grumblings of your fellows in the House of Lords.

I’m just glad to be clever enough to enjoy your subtext in the same manner that I admire the fine haberdashery on the show. Power to the People! Eat the Rich! You Will Be First Against The Wall When The Revolution Comes! Etc, Etc.

Your Obedient Servant
Dame Ophelia Quickly, Dowager Countess of Corgis.


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