this too shall pass

Well, Ardala’s 75% better during the day, and only about 25% better at night.


  • She’s eating – if not as much as usual, at least pretty damned enthusiastically.
  • She’s started her little “attention seeking” rounds and drive-by lickings.
  • She had a zoomie the other day and I caught her almost playing scary-blanket-monster.
  • She’s generally restful and non-whiny.
  • She’s bright-eyed and waggy again.
  • She’s pooped for three days in a row now! (only once, but considering how much she’s eating, we feel that’s good)


Nighttime is still a bit of a nightmare. About every other day she’s gone into some sort of pacing/crying fugue state and cannot be distracted out of it. This keeps us up. Right now I am taking over evening duties because I find it slightly easier to sleep through her BS, and also because I’m not driving and my job doesn’t require all my brain-power this month.

I’m worried that she may now be full of anxiety, (oh lord) but we have a check-up vet appointment this afternoon to rule out greater pain issues. Maybe the doc can have us change her dosing schedule so her nightly 1am trigger is avoided. Otherwise, I have no idea how long I’m going to go on 45% sleep.

Believe me, I’d love to write something more scintillating than The Adventures of an Arthritic Dog, but I have a bit of a difficulty multi-tasking in my brain. I swear to god, when she finally sleeps through the night, I’m going to drink whatever liquor in our pantry is the hardest until I pass out.




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