unintentional blog

I was just trying to do the right thing; that thing being recommending a book I love on another author’s wordpress blog. I thought I had a comment account, but I guess not. This is not a Great Introductory Post, with Profound Sentiments and thought-provoking balderdash. Because I’m completely exhausted from spending several nights getting about 3 non-consecutive hours of sleep due to a dog in extreme amounts of pain. The floor is strewn with dried kibbles, treats, chicken pieces, beds, blankets – all in the name of keeping my dog, Ardala, in a state as close to comfort as possible. These efforts haven’t been entirely successful. Half the house smells like dog pee, the other half is… well, I have no idea how she decides where and when to pee. She was always so very housebroken until the last two weeks. It is in fact only in the last six months that we learned she had arthritis, the last week that we learned there was nerve damage from some sacral-something arthritis thingy, and yesterday that we learned the name for that was Spondylosis, and her case was pretty severe. We’re trying to get her to eat so her stomach can buffer the Metacam and some fairly heavy-duty narcotic whose name escapes me right now. I came home last night to a roommate with red-rimmed eyes, who has a Masters in Information Science and a knack for finding the Worst Case Scenario using rudimentary internet searching tools.

So really, It’s amazing I can spell at all, my perspicacity long having fled, taking with it all my higher-reasoning functions. I’m hoping I’ll see an improvement on the dog ere long, and will then joyously post all manner of White Whines, impertinent cultural observations and general pointless frippery. Until then, I will try and help Ardala recover and outsource my own food needs.


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